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Video: want to make it as CDO? Master a wide range of skills

Not from an IT or data analyst background? Fear not, there are many paths to becoming a Chief data officer..

Peter Jackson is Chief data and analytics officer at Exasol, the performance analytics database. In this video, he explains how there isn’t one definitive career path to becoming a Chief Data Officer (CDO).

That’s partially because the CDO is such a new position in organizational leadership. But, as Peter explains, it’s also because data professionals can come to role from a variety of backgrounds. It’s key, however, that they can bring a range of different skills to the position.

Discover more about the role of the Chief Data Officer in The Journey to CDO, a new report from Exasol. In it, you can discover the expectations surrounding the position, the challenges CDOs face, and the ways an organization can set their CDO up for success.