Introducing Exasol SaaS Edition

How to build a SaaS database product – with Exasol’s CTO

In this week’s episode, Helena Schwenk welcomes Mathias Golombek to the podcast. Mathias is CTO of Exasol, the performance analytics database provider that’s just launched a new SaaS edition, meaning that Exasol is truly available on-premises, in the cloud or as a provider of flexible hybrid deployment models.

Over the course of the conversation, Mathias opens up about the journey of building the product, from the challenges it entailed to the support Exasol enjoyed from AWS SaaS Factory – a partnership which recently resulted in Exasol being awarded AWS Technology Partner of the Year 2021 in the DACH region.

Mathias and Helena also discuss the idea of ‘bridging’ to and from the cloud – a flexible approach to deployment, and one that enables organizations to shift some workloads to the cloud while maintaining others on-premises, for example.

Listen to the episode here

Learn more about Exasol SaaS Edition

Now available as a fully managed service hosted on AWS, Exasol provides unrivalled deployment options. Wherever you are on your cloud journey and wherever you want to run analytics, Exasol is the fast, flexible and proven platform to help your organization realize its analytics goals.

Exasol’s SaaS product is available in two versions:

  • Exasol SaaS Standard Edition: For organizations managing smaller data sets and need to improve the performance of their data stack and give their reporting speeds a boost.
  • Exasol SaaS Enterprise Edition: For organizations that need a scalable platform for advanced analytics and data integration of large data volumes.