Video: why climate change action must be data-driven

At this critical juncture in history, many of those leading decisions on climate climate want and need more data. What needs to change?

New research by Exasol shows that 81% of CSR decision makers feel access to data-led insights would improve their decisions around climate change.

This is hugely important. It shows that at this critical juncture in history many of those leading on climate decisions need more information to solve the biggest challenges.

So, what can be done?

Exasol’s findings were drawn from polling thousands of CSR decision makers and consumers across the globe to find out:

  • The impact ignoring CSR will have on brand reputation and the bottom line
  • Where many are falling short in their use of data to solve the biggest challenges
  • How to make CSR more data-driven

Download the full report (PDF) to discover the challenges we face and learn practical steps to take into your organization.