From STEM to STEAM with Sally Eaves

Many of us will be familiar with the STEM approach to education. It’s become embedded in our consciousness as the way forward to get more kids involved in learning about science, technology, engineering and maths. But is it time to change how we think about this topic and investigate STEAM learning?

In this episode of DataXpresso, Helena Schwenk is joined by Sally Eaves, CTO, founder and strategic advisor, to look at this new approach. Sally is a passionate advocate of STEAM learning, which is all about incorporating the arts into the mix and encouraging a more diverse approach to learning about, and working with, technology.

An introduction to STEAM learning

If you want to find out more about why STEAM is so important, what’s being done about it and how we can make this way of learning a reality, give the episode a listen here:

Aspirational Futures – find out more

During the episode Sally talks about the non-profit that she heads up, Aspirational Futures. As a strong believer in applying technology for good in our society, Sally founded the organization to help guide, empower and support the next generation of interdisciplinary talent. So let’s find out a little more about the great work that the team does.

Aspirational Futures is built on 3 core pillars: tech for good, social impact at scale, and STEAM learning. Based on these foundations the team delivers a range of projects focused on putting education first and importantly, giving people the confidence to use and apply their skills. There’s also a commitment to helping people become smarter learners through understanding topics like meta-cognition.

The team offers free to use courses as much as possible on topics ranging from AI to cloud security and blockchain. If you want to check out the project and keep up to date with its work and activities, you can head over to its homepage on Facebook and Twitter.

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