Why we need to talk about analytics maturity

Graham Sharpe, director strategic solutions at Exasol, joins the DataXpresso podcast to outline why we need to move on from focusing solely on data democratization.

If you work in data, or even if you don’t, there’s every chance that the phrase ‘data democratization’ will have made its way into your consciousness. There’s a good reason for that. Providing more people in your organization with access to high quality data is a positive direction to move in, but it’s not tackling the real challenges we’re facing. More people don’t just need access to data – they need to be able to explore it and use it effectively to make positive changes. This is why our thinking has to move on to encompass analytics maturity.

So, why is now the time to make this shift and what can you do turn the theory into reality? We spoke with Graham Sharpe, director strategic solutions at Exasol in this episode of DataXpresso, to answer these questions and more.

Listen to the episode here:

Find out more about analytics maturity

The analytics maturity roadmap

If you’re a fan of the written word and want to get to grips with the analytics maturity roadmap, you can read Graham’s blog on the topic here.

From data to action

As Graham mentions in the podcast, there’s a great white paper authored by Wayne Eckerson, that sheds light on the realities of self-service analytics and how to get truly effective results from it – something that will drive analytics democratization in the future. Check out the paper here.

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