Why data storytelling is so important for the CDO

Video: Why data storytelling is so important for the CDO

You know that your organization needs a data-led transformation, but how do you convince key stakeholders within the business?

As part of the Carruthers and Jackson CDO Summer School, co-founder, Peter Jackson looks into the importance that data storytelling holds for the CDO in this video. He covers how you can keep the rest of the C-suite engaged with data-driven initiatives and also answers one of the key questions that arose in week 2 of the Summer School. Does a CDO need to have a background in the vertical they’re working in to be able to tell effective stories?  

Watch this video to find out the answer in just 2 minutes:

We’ll be sharing weekly insights from Peter over the course of the summer, so stay tuned to our Data Insights section to hear the latest on data storytelling and the big topics being discussed at the CDO Summer School.