The CDO Journey – download the report

Video: introducing The Journey to CDO

In the Journey to CDO you can discover the expectations surrounding the role, the career paths of those in the position and the challenges they face. 

The most ambitious organizations use the insights from data analytics to inform all areas of their operations. This focus on data – whether that be governance or business strategy itself – has created the need for the a Chief Data Officer (CDO).

The CDO is seen as a specialist in translating and delivering real value from data. For ensuring that the right systems are in place to uncover insights and translate that into strategy.

However, for many the role of CDO is still unclear, with expectations and skillsets ill-defined.

In The Journey to CDO, a new report from Exasol, the performance analytics database, you can discover the the areas of responsibility the CDO covers, the variety of career backgrounds those in the role come from, and the challenges facing them.