CDO Strategy: DIKW, Relationships and hype

CDO strategy: managing relationships with senior decision-makers

In this video, Exasol’s CDAO Peter Jackson explains three different aspects a CDO must bear in mind as they implement their data strategy.

First, the relationships they need to build with the rest of the C-suite, and how they must have the ability to convince decision-makers to back their data strategy.

Second, the importance of the ‘DIKW Pyramid’ of data, information, knowledge and wisdom, and creating projects that span all four levels of the pyramid. And finally, managing the ‘hype cycle’ and setting expectations around the outcomes of the data strategy in near and long-term.

These are three integral components a CDO should bear in mind for their strategy. For more tips on the role of the CDO from the Carruthers and Jackson Data Leaders Summer School, check out our Data Insights section.