Data maturity model - tools

Video: how tools relate to the data maturity model

Assessing the tools within your organization will help you plan your data strategy, by highlighting what you can do, when you can do it and the pace at which you can move.

In week nine of the Carruthers & Jackson Data Leaders Summer SchoolExasol’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer and the course attendees discussed the final segment of the data maturity model – tools.

When a CDO thinks about their organization’s tools and how they relate to their data strategy, says Peter, they must consider three things: architecture, metrics and technologies. Each of these will have an impact on the what a CDO can do, when they can do it and the pace at which they can move.

“As data professionals, we need to be abreast and understand the advances in data technology and what the new technologies are,” says Peter. “How and why are they different from what is already in the marketplace?”

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