Innovation in German football – meet Tobias Haupt, Head of DFB-Akademie

Like any industry, the world of football is full of teams and national associations trying to find that key competitive advantage, the latest successful innovation. In every conceivable area improvements are being explored, whether it’s player fitness, psychology, neuroscience or many other fields.

At the heart of this constant drive to be better is technology.

So, how does a national football association lead the way in using data and technology to bring success on the international stage? How does it share best practice and progress with the clubs in its country and what is the secret to finding a balance between the human side of sport and the latest technology and innovation?

Helena Schwenk and Mike Creane spoke to Tobias Haupt, Head of the DFB-Akademie, to answer these questions and also find out how football compares to the rest of the economy when it comes to digitization.

Check out the full episode here:

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