2021: a year in data

Want to hear from several data leaders all in one place? Check out our latest DataXpresso podcast, covering some of the big issues in data and analytics in 2021.

We cover so much in our daily lives, especially when working with data, that it can be difficult to single out the truly valuable insights and guidance that we can put into practice. That’s why we’ve compiled this podcast covering some of the biggest topics in data analytics throughout 2021.

Using clips from some of our conversations with experts in the financial services industry, the non-profit sector and the world of sport, this episode covers everything from the importance of understanding analytics maturity, to the impact of data storytelling and how we educate the next generations.

Give the episode a listen here:

Explore data analytics on the podcast

Analytics maturity

Graham Sharpe, director strategic solutions at Exasol, gave us a comprehensive guide to the importance of understanding analytics maturity and how to assess it in your organization. You can listen to the full podcast here.

If you prefer the written word, check out Graham’s blog on the topic.

Data in action at the DFB Akademie

We have been lucky enough to speak with several members of the team at the DFB Akademie on the podcast in 2021. If you want to listen to the complete episode with Tobias Haupt, check it out here.

Data storytelling

The topic of data storytelling has come up with a number of our guests, so there’s no denying how important it is. Here’s the entire episode dedicated to the issue, recorded with Peter Jackson.

If you want to dig deeper into how organizations are handling data storytelling, read our ebook.

Data literacy

Another common thread that has run through many of our conversations on the podcast is the topic of data literacy. Abel Aboh, Data Management Lead at the Bank of England goes into this and his career journey on this episode.

From STEM to STEAM learning

You’ll be hard pushed to find someone as passionate about the need to move to a STEAM learning model, as Sally Eaves. As a CTO, founder and strategic advisor, Sally can offer a wealth of experience on the matter. If you want to hear what STEAM learning is and why it’s so important, you can listen to the full interview here.